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As we transition from mild to cooler weather, many people begin dirtying their floors with chocolate, dirt, and even candle wax carpet stains. When you are stuck inside all winter long, the last thing you want is to be left with carpet stains. The solution? Good removal processes help keep carpet stains at bay throughout cold-weather months. Need some tips? McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City has details about how you can eliminate these tough-to-remove carpet stains, keeping your carpets clean over the holiday season.

Tips for Removing Carpet Stains:


If you are anything like us, you probably enjoy cozying up in front of a fire on a cold evening with some dessert. Perhaps chocolate? As tasty as chocolate is, it can make for some nasty carpet stains. In the event that you have a s’mores carpet casualty, we have the scoop about how you can remove those pesky chocolate-induced carpet stains. Ready? Let’s get started.

For natural-fiber carpets, complete the following process. Using a detergent-filled bottle, spray the carpet stains and then blot the area with a white cloth (a paper towel will suffice, too). Next, apply an ammonia solution on the carpet stains. Then, administer a vinegar solution. Afterward, re-apply the detergent solution. Lastly, disperse lukewarm water over the carpet stains. The key? Between the application of each substance, blot the carpet stains with a white towel. If the chocolate stain is still visible, repeat the process a few times.

carpet stainsCandle Wax

What goes well with chocolate but can leave behind nasty carpet stains? Candle wax. That’s right, as lovely as their aroma and lighting is, candle wax can be difficult to remove from carpeting. However, using our fool-proof three-step process, candle-related carpet stains will be a thing of the past.

To remove these carpet stains from natural-fiber and synthetic-fiber carpets, you will want to press an ice-filled, sealed bag against the candle wax. After awhile, the stain will harden. At this point, you need to strike the area with a hard object, causing the wax to break loose. Lastly, mist a solvent on the carpet stains and blot with — you guessed it — a white cloth or towel and then apply warm water.


Dirt is perhaps the biggest contributor to carpet stains throughout cold and wet winter months. Depending on what type of carpet you have, you will want to complete slightly different carpet-cleaning procedures. For synthetic-fiber carpets, take the following steps for the removal of dirt carpet stains.

First, vacuum excess dirt. Then, dab the area with detergent and apply pressure, pushing the solution into the carpet. Afterward, let it sit for an approximately 15-minute period. Whatever liquid remains can then be soaked with a fresh towel. The final step entails dipping another towel in warm water and dabbing the carpet stains gently.

For natural-fiber carpeting, there is a slightly different removal process for carpet stains. Your first order of business should be vacuuming the carpet stains to remove any loose dirt. Next, mist the carpet stains with a detergent solution and blot the area gently. Then, spray the stain with a vinegar solution, detergent, and lastly, warm water, all while blotting between the application of each mixture. Upon the completion of this process, your carpet stains should have vanished.

We Can Help With the Removal of Your Carpet Stains!

When it comes to winter carpet stains, McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City has you covered. Dirt, chocolate, and candle wax can be easily removed through the utilization of these processes. Need some assistance with the removal of carpet stains? We can help!

To learn how we can help get rid of carpet stains, contact us at (816) 533-4377.