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House cleaning is important. Your home is your safe haven. The place you go to relax with your family after long, tiring days. Because of this, you need your home to be clean and comfortable. McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City knows what it takes to implement good house cleaning tips into your daily routine. Listed below are a few surprising — and even better, affordable —  house cleaning tips that can help you keep your floors spotless.

Unsuspecting House Cleaning Ideas:


Vinegar’s prominence in house cleaning tips goes back many decades. Apart from being a wonderful cleaning agent, vinegar doubles up as a deodorizer and disinfectant. To create an all-purpose cleaner, mix together equal parts of vinegar and water. The solution works well for cleaning and disinfecting floors.

For tiles and fixtures, vinegar eats away stains and tarnish incurred from hard water, leaving behind bright, beautiful, and shiny surfaces. And don’t let the initial overpowering smell of vinegar scare you away! When it comes to house cleaning, vinegar is an excellent solution. Once it dries, the smell disappears. Do, however, avoid using vinegar for the cleaning of marble surfaces.

house cleaningVinegar x Lemon

There are numerous house cleaning tips that suggest the use of lemon juice for varied house  cleaning purposes, such as the cleaning of tarnished copper and floors. Given the amazing results of both vinegar and lemon, many house cleaning tips involve combinations of the two. Here’s a simple tip to combine them and reap double the benefits: Put citrus peels in a jar and pour undiluted white vinegar over them. Let the mixture stand for a few days, and strain the vinegar into a separate container. The result? You have an effective natural cleaner for your floors and disinfecting surfaces.

Baking Soda

Know another surprising house cleaning tactic? You have probably heard baking soda can help remove odors from your fridge, but did you know it cleans carpets, too. Baking soda removes vomit and pet accidents effectively. Gently scrub baking soda into the carpet with warm water and a brush. Once the carpet is dry, vacuum it. Baking soda is a good product to use for the removal of pet odor.

Looking for other simple house cleaning tips used to eradicate bad odor trapped in carpets and rugs? Sprinkle the carpet with baking soda once a month and allow the powder to sit overnight until it’s vacuumed the next day. You can take your house cleaning a step further and mix a sweet smelling freshener into your carpet, too, by combining baking soda and potpourri oil of your choosing.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide, a first aid kit staple, is another unsuspecting household cleaning product.  The substance removes everything from blood, soft drink, and coffee to chocolate and candy from your rugs, all without affecting the dyes of the carpet. How is it done? First, try blotting the spilled liquids with paper towels and applying soapy water. If this fails, dab a three percent solution of hydrogen peroxide on the stain and let it sit for an hour. Within this time period, the stain should dissolve. If the stain does not entirely disappear, repeat the process and leave the hydrogen peroxide on longer.

Enhance Your House Cleaning Efforts With Our Kansas City Services.

House cleaning doesn’t have to be expensive or challenging. When it comes to house cleaning, there are a number of affordable and unsuspecting household products that double as great floor cleaning products. Before winter in Kansas City hits, be sure to give your floors and carpets a thorough cleaning.

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