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You love your home, so it is crucial to keep up on your cleaning, paying it the attention it deserves. The solution? Use our house cleaning checklist to stay on track and keep your home spic and span. McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City breaks things down, room by room, to help make our daily house cleaning checklist user-friendly and easy-to-do. When it comes to house cleaning, our checklist is sure to help you stay on top of your A game.

Our House Cleaning Checklist:

The Living Room

The sofa or seating arrangement in your living room is a main attraction. Because of this, it is important to make the sofa a priority on your house cleaning checklist. It is ideal that you take a minute to thoroughly wipe them. In addition, a handheld vacuum can help remove stray fabric on the surface of the seating area. Next, wipe clean any tables in this room. The final touch? Quickly rearranging any newspapers, journals, or electronics is a great way to give this shared central space a polished look.

house-cleaning-checklist-Kansas-CityThe Bedroom

Because the bedroom is such an intimate space, where you spend a lot of time, it should be included in your house cleaning checklist. It only take a couple of minutes to make your bed. And although this may seem like a minute detail on the scheme of your household cleaning checklist, a made bed can give the entire bedroom an orderly look.

Clothes and garments are another threat to your house cleaning efforts. To avoid this, add the organization of these items to your household cleaning checklist. Completing these simple tasks has the potential to make a big impact in the appearance of your bedroom.

The Kitchen

The first house cleaning checklist secret of maintaining a clean kitchen is to never leave any dishes in the sink. Oftentimes, one dirty dish turns into an entire sink full. When in doubt, clean each dish and put it away right after it’s used. In addition, it is advisable to clean any spills within the cooking appliances, such as the stove and microwave. Another house cleaning checklist task that should be completed is the regular swapping of kitchen towels. This is important, because these towels can act as meccas for bacteria and germs — somethingnobody wants in their kitchen.

The Bathroom

Although the bathroom can be a dirty area of the home, it should not go uncleaned. When it comes to your house cleaning checklist, the cleaning of the bathroom sink, toilet seat, shower, and mirror are absolute musts. The combination of a standard bathroom cleaner and some elbow grease should get the bathroom sink, toilet seat, and shower cleaned. And, as far as the mirror goes, windex and a cloth towel will do the trick.

McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City Can Help With Your House Cleaning Checklist.

When it comes to your house cleaning checklist, be sure to include the following items. McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City knows cleaning, so you can rest assured that our tips will help you create a cleaner home.

To learn how we can help with your house cleaning checklist needs, contact McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City at (816) 533-4377 today.