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If you live in Kansas City, you have probably gotten out your cold weather clothing, but have you prepared a fall cleaning checklist? Cleaning the home during fall is just as important to comfort and health as conventional spring cleaning. Before your home is closed tight for the Kansas City winter, be sure to create and complete a fall cleaning checklist. When it comes to creating a fall cleaning checklist, McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City knows best.

Fall Cleaning Checklist:

Fall Cleaning Checklist Item #1 – Window Treatments

Once your home is closed for the winter, you won’t want to hassle with laborious window treatments. So, while the weather permits, open your windows and wash your screens, glass surfaces, and storm panes.

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Fall Cleaning Checklist Item #2- Curtains

In the Kansas City area, allergies can be a problem during the fall. However, if you put curtain maintenance on your fall cleaning checklist, you should suffer less from  sneezing and sniffles. Clean curtains and drapes according to the supplier’s recommendations, or just vacuum them with an upholstery attachment.

To freshen your drapes, add five drops of fragrance oil to an 8-ounce water bottle and spray the solution on curtains or drapes. Then, wipe or dust blinds with a damp microfiber material, as well as the woodwork around the windows.

Fall Cleaning Checklist Item #3 – Carpets

Carpet cleaning should be another task on your fall cleaning checklist, as carpet fibers can be an epicenter for dust and other allergen buildup. Because of this, be sure to give your carpets a thorough cleaning. To remove the most dirt and dust possible, vacuum the front AND back of area rugs. For more severe allergies, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning services are a great resource for removing tough-to-target allergens, dust, and dirt. And did we mention, McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City is happy to help with this fall cleaning checklist task?

Fall Cleaning Checklist Item #4 – Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances, often heavily used in the cold weather seasons, should not be excluded from your fall cleaning checklist. Clean your oven in accordance with the self-cleaning directions provided, or spray it down with an oven cleaner, leave it overnight, and wipe it clean the following day. Open your windows on a mild weather day in Kansas City in order to avoid odors or fumes.

Defrosting and cleaning the freezer and refrigerator are big tasks that should be done a couple of times every year, so include them in your fall cleaning checklist, too. And do not forget to dust under the appliances and clean the drip pans. Additionally, dishwashers should also be cleaned twice every year.

Fall Cleaning Checklist Item #5 – Walls and Woodwork

Your home’s walls and woodwork should also be included on your fall cleaning checklist. As you do this, be sure to clean from left-to-right and top-to-bottom. To keep things simple, you can make an all-purpose natural cleaning agent in a spray bottle by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with 16 ounces of water.

Fall Cleaning Checklist Item #6 – Attic and Storage Space

If you have the room, you will no doubt want to store some summer items in your attic or other storage space. As you do this, be sure to add a thorough dusting and vacuuming of this space to your fall cleaning checklist. Doing this will ensure that your belongings are in mint condition next summer.

Complete Your Fall Cleaning Checklist Today.

Including these six tasks on your fall cleaning checklist will help you prepare your Kansas City home for fall. With fewer sniffles and a clean and comfortable environment, you’re sure to enjoy your Kansas City home all fall and winter long.

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