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Today, it seems like there is an overabundance of household cleaning products for just about everything. What if we told you that some basic items can be used to complete a number of household cleaning activities? That’s right, some of the most unsuspecting supplies pack a powerful cleaning punch. McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City, your carpet-cleaning expert, has the insider scoop on these multipurpose household cleaning products.

Household Cleaning Staples:

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a mighty product that can be used to do everything from alleviate a diaper rash to prolong the freshness of a bouquet of flowers. That is all fine and dandy, but we want to tell you about its many household cleaning applications.

When combined with olive oil, baking soda can be used for toilet bowl cleaning purposes. In addition, it can also be applied to your mattress surface to remove dirt and moisture. Have some silver that needs polishing? Baking soda works with salt and hot water to do that, too.

Perhaps baking soda’s most noteworthy household cleaning attribution is its ability to remove the toughest odors. If you have a kitchen refrigerator or another small space that stinks, simply plop down an open box of baking soda. It will remove odors quickly and also provide lasting freshness.

White Vinegar

household cleaningLet’s face it, the one place that can get stinkier than the kitchen refrigerator is the kitchen drain. Unfortunately, a stinky kitchen sink is far from appetizing. Drain cleaners can get expensive, but white vinegar is an affordable and effective way to keep smelly kitchen pipes at bay.

Have a dirty shower head? Yuck, nobody wants to shower beneath that! To remove buildup, tie a bag of white vinegar to the shower head, and in an hour’s time, your shower head will be restored to like-new condition.

It gets even better. White vinegar can be used for even more household cleaning applications. A solution comprised of equal parts white vinegar with warm water can be used to leave both windows and chandeliers sparkling.


Ammonia is a power household cleaning agent that should always be used with caution. When used properly, ammonia can help with a number of household cleaning chores. This first trick is a favorite for its magical carpet cleaning properties. When combined with water, ammonia can help with the removal of the toughest of carpet stains. The secret ingredient? Let’s just say it involves an iron.

Want to get your crystal ware shining? Add a few drops of ammonia to a two-cup water solution, then mix, wipe, and wash with cold water. It’s as simple as that.

Tiles look great when they are clean, but so often grime and fungus dirty the grout that lies between bathroom tiles. When this happens, things look dirty. The remedy? You guessed it: a mixture of water and ammonia — ¼ cup ammonia and 1 gallon of water to be exact.

Use These Household Cleaning Hacks Today.

By including these household cleaning superstars in your cleaning closet, you can save yourself a lot of time and money. When there are hardly enough hours in the day to get your home clean, who couldn’t use some helpful household cleaning shortcuts?

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