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cleaningAre you trying to get the whole family involved in cleaning, but are struggling to get the kids engaged? Cleaning the house should be a shared responsibility, and there is no reason the kids should not be involved. By simply changing the way you address the subject, you could get the whole clan cleaning in a few simple steps.

Cleaning Tips: Getting the Kids Involved

Set an Example

As a parent, it is your duty to set a good example for your children. So, if you want to get your kids cleaning, make sure they see you practicing what your preach. Once your kids know that you are concerned about cleanliness, they will emulate you and participate in this important household task.

Emphasize the Importance

Some kids view cleaning as just another household task. If they do not already know the importance of a clean environment, teach them. Discuss the dangers of dirty dishes, laundry, and garbage. Children are visual learners, so try using pictures to represent the health hazards that can result from neglecting to clean these items. Once they understand why this matters, they will be more apt to make an effort.

Create Cleaning Incentives

Another way to get the kids involved in this task is to reinforce its importance with a reward system. According to psychologists, patterns of behavior are established in childhood and reward helps with this. Make a habit of rewarding kids that have done well cleaning their rooms, as well as those who correctly complete the chores that have been assigned to them. Positive reinforcement can be very powerful, so do not forget to implement this crucial element in your routine.

Place Responsibility

After your kids get in the swing of things, integrate cleaning into their daily schedule. This can be done by creating a duty roster where responsibilities are assigned. Make sure they have a clear understanding of their tasks, though, so they can do a good job and feel proud of their accomplishments. Once your kids feel a sense of responsibility, the likelihood that they will do their duties will greatly increase.

As a parent, it is your job to help your children understand the importance of cleaning and enable them to find ways to get involved in this household process. The great thing about children is their ability to learn well quickly. With proper instruction, your kids will be helping in no time.

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