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Home is somewhere you should come to relax and enjoy yourself, not a place where you should have to worry about odor removal. When unpleasant odors invade your home, your first reaction may be to break out the chemicals. While many of these store-bought odor removal solutions work well, some individuals are sensitive to the harsh chemicals used in them. Natural solutions are a better alternative for allergy-prone homes. Odor removal does not have to be unhealthy or difficult. By selecting the right natural herbs and spices to place around your home, home odor removal can become easier than ever.

Odor Removal Solutions

odor removal Cinnamon

One of the easiest spices to work with is cinnamon. Cinnamon sticks have a strong, homey scent that is pleasing to most individuals. Although this scent is especially pleasant during cold weather seasons, this home remedy can be used year-round. So, how can you freshen up your home with cinnamon? It’s easy. Simply wrap the sticks in some tin foil and bake them at 300 degrees for about 30 minutes. The strong aroma will spread throughout your home, removing most offensive odors. If one room in your home has a particularly strong odor, cinnamon sticks can be added to potpourri dishes and left in the area. For the best results, make sure to replace the cinnamon sticks regularly.


Few things say home like the sweet, comforting smell of vanilla. Usually found as a liquid extract, vanilla is the perfect odor remover for clothing. Simply dampen some cotton balls with the liquid extract and put them around the home. The cotton balls can be placed next to most linens without causing any damage. Need a change? Not to worry; the scent will typically wash out of soft materials when placed through a washing machine cycle. To keep a more potent area fresher, put a few drops of the vanilla extract on centerpieces or potpourri. But remember, softer materials will absorb the scent faster.


This popular herb has a million uses, one of which is odor removal. When it comes to masking odors, lavender can be used almost anywhere safely. Dry the plant and place it in a sachet, and voila! your home will be smelling great in no time. The small sachet or packet can then be placed discreetly around your home. Because lavender is a flowering herb, it can easily be added to flower arrangements throughout the home as well. The calming scent of the lavender can also be mixed with the dreamy vanilla scent for a more potent fragrance.

Baking Soda

Another odor remedy is baking soda. This natural product can be purchased at the store and will deodorize most areas in just a few short hours. Small traces of baking soda can be sprinkled throughout your home without notice. Unlike scented herbs and spices, baking soda absorbs odors rather than masking them. Mixing baking soda with natural herbs and spices is almost useless, though, because the baking soda will absorb the natural scents. However, if you need the odor in an area to be neutralized, baking soda is your best option.

Using fresh herbs and spices and products like baking soda in trouble areas, will help your home smell good in no time. With simple odor solutions like these, store-bought odor removal remedies will be a thing of the past.

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