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carpet careSummer is coming to a close and fall is just around the corner, which means you are sure to encounter some seasonal allergies. If you are allergy-prone, you do not have to suffer each time the seasons change. Practicing good carpet care is a simple way to help better control your seasonal allergies.  

HEPA Filter

When it comes to day-to-day carpet care, you should be vacuuming with a HEPA filter. This filter ensures that allergy triggers like dust mites and pollen will be removed from the carpets you are cleaning. The removal of these contaminants is an excellent way to improve your air quality and help keep allergy symptoms at bay. Thicker vacuum bags also act similarly, helping to improve your environment.

Face Mask

When vacuuming or cleaning your home, it is best to wear a mask that protects you from allergens like animal hair, dust, and pollen. When cleaning, these particles usually get moved around, causing some allergies to get worse for a period during and after cleaning.

Chem-Dry Cleaning

If your suffer from mild to severe allergies, medical experts believe that wet vacuum cleaning is the best carpet care practice. Wet vacuuming helps provide a more thorough carpet cleaning that picks up dust mites dry carpet cleaning would not otherwise be able to remove. As an alternative to the less effective steam cleaning method, we recommend Chem-Dry cleaning.

This treatment uses less water and more heated carbonation than steam cleaning does, which results in a quicker drying time. Quicker drying time is critical, because it helps prevent the growth of mold and other bacteria that can develop from slow drying carpet care methods like steam cleaning. So, for a more thorough carpet cleaning, opt for a Chem-Dry carpet care treatment.

Practicing these basic carpet care guidelines can make a huge difference in your day-to-day life. We care about your happiness and healthiness, so take action and get one of our Chem-Dry cleanings today.

McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City is a carpet care expert, and we are here to teach you some basic carpet care tips that will help alleviate allergy symptoms this fall. For more carpet care information, contact us at (816) 533-4377 today.