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People have been making and using carpets for perhaps as long as 9,000 years. Scientists tell us that there is evidence that carpets (or mats) were being woven from goat and sheep’s wool as early as 7 B.C. From hanging wall decorations to the floors of our homes, carpets have an extensive history.

Earliest Known Carpet

The earliest known carpet dates from between 500 B.C. and 400 B.C. This is the Pazyryk carpet, which was found in a Siberian burial mound by archaeologists in 1949. The Pazyryks were horse-riding nomads in the far eastern steppes of Russia, near the borders of China and Mongolia. These people most likely used carpets in their tent dwellings since they were a practical way to insulate the floor from the cold ground, but they were also used as a sign of prestige and comfort for the higher classes. Although the Pazyryk carpet is the oldest surviving artifact, carpets were most certainly in common use for centuries before this culture used them.

carpetOriginated in Asia and China

The true art of carpet-making originated in central Asia (in present-day Armenia and Afghanistan). Afghans are still famous today for their carpets, as are those originating in Persia. Just about everyone knows that Persian carpets have become associated with the world standard for excellence in the ancient art of carpet making.

Carpeting gained a popular foothold on the Indian continent in about the 11th century A.D. From India and modern-day Pakistan all the way to China, carpeting was originally used by wealthy societies. Rugs and floor coverings were also used by commoners for centuries.

Thought you learned a lot about carpet today? This is only the beginning. Be on the lookout for “The History of Carpet: Part II.”

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