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Carpet is a necessary addition to any home, adding visual appeal and a comfortable atmosphere. Unfortunately, there could be problem-causing insects lurking in your carpet without you even realizing they’re there. Fleas, dust mites, carpet beetles, and bed bugs are a few of the insects that may be making your carpet their home. Though they mean seem harmless, they can create respiratory problems and skin issues for families.


Fleas are tiny creatures that may be hard to spot if hiding in carpet fibers, and they are especially a problem in homes with pets. They may cause disease and be a hazard to both humans and pets alike. Flea bites cause itchy bumps, inflammation, and red marks that are unsightly and itchy.

Dust Mites

Dust mites can only been seen under a microscope, so you won’t know if they’re lurking in your carpets and rugs. Dust mites are the cause of many respiratory problems and tend to multiply quickly. They can make breathing difficult in infested areas. Insects may be in your carpet

Carpet Beetles

Some of the insects that may be making your rugs their “home sweet home” may include carpet beetles, which are little bugs that love the fibers of your carpet. Carpet beetles are rarely visible in their larval or pupil stages, but full-grown beetles can be 4 to 5 millimeters in length. Carpet beetles can cause damage not only to carpet, but also to fabric, clothing, and other items located in the home. This insect can roam from room to room in search of food.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are another carpet-dwelling insect. Bed bugs normally inhabit bedding and mattresses, but they can also be in the skirting of a bed or on the edges of the carpet. These bugs are ordinarily invisible to the naked eye but cause a multitude of problems including large ugly scores, itching and scratching. A special chemical treatment is required to remove bed bug infestations. Make sure you vacuum thoroughly around the edges of the carpet where they like to inhabit, and treat your bedding accordingly. Steam clean carpeting on a regular basis to keep these and all insects from making your carpet their home.

Routine cleaning can help insure that your carpets stay insect-free. Call McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City at 816-533-4377 to schedule an appointment.