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Pet stains on carpets are the first thing that leads to embarrassment when friends and family members visit. Sometimes pet stains are unavoidable, but cleaning up messes can be tedious work. Prevent them in the first place by following these tips to pet-proof your home and outdoors. Prevent Pet Stains in Your Home

Cover furniture

If the couch is your pooch’s favorite napping spot, cover it with a slipcover or blankets to prevent pet stains from ruining your furniture. Even better, train your pet that cloth furniture is off limits.

Keep plants out of reach

Plants are easy to knock over, so keep them away from where your dog or cat roams around. Many common household plants can also make your furry friend sick if chewed or ingested, leading to accidents on the carpet and pet stains in the future.

Clean outdoors

Pet stains don’t just happen indoors. Quickly wash down patio furniture that your pet has used to mark his territory. Unwashed urine can lead to burn marks in the paint. To prevent dead grass spots, designate a small area of your backyard for your pet to use the bathroom, and treat it with agricultural lime.

Give your pet a bath

Pets that spend time playing outside can track in dirt and grime that will eventually work its way into your carpets and furniture. Keep your pets coats clean to prevent pet stains and odors in your home.

Act quickly

Clean up accidents immediately after they occur to prevent more permanent residue on your carpet. Untreated messes can lead to permanent odors and unsightly pet stains.

Accidents happen, but using these tips to prevent pet stains can help leave your carpet looking new. If pet stains are a regular occurrence and you need help removing them, call McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City today at (816) 533-4377. No matter how careful you are, everyone needs periodic professional cleaning.