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Clean Your Living Room in Under 15 MinsSome days I just dread cleaning the living room, it just seems to take forever and makes my day last even longer. Wouldn’t it be great if you could clean your entire living room in 15 minutes or less? That’s exactly what we show you how to do in this article.

Naturally, we’re not talking about a thorough, deep clean –  but that’s not something you do on a daily basis anyway. By following these cleaning tips you’ll have your living room cleaned and looking more organized in 10 to 15 minutes.

Get a Catch-All Container

What do I mean by catch-all? This is going to be the container that we quickly throw all the items in that don’t belong in the living room but mysteriously found their way there anyway. This is most likely going to include books, magazines, toys, screwdrivers, and small items that were not put back when the person was finished using them.

A majority of the time consumed while cleaning the living room involves running back and forth and returning items to where they belong. Start by simply tossing all items into your catch-all container. Then return them all at once by making a single trip around the house.

Give A Quick Wipe-Down

Once a month you can do a deep clean; right now we are just going to quickly wipe down the visible surfaces. If you have a shelf with a couple hundred DVDs on it, don’t take them all out. Wipe the dust away from the areas you can see and move on to the next piece of furniture.

Do A Little Organizing

It’s important to remember that we are focusing on cleaning your living room in under 15 minutes – we’re not redecorating your entire living room. Mixing the two will make it feel like you cleaned all day, which isn’t much fun. Straighten picture frames and decorative items. Fluff up or flip over any furniture cushions. If you have magazines scattered all over the place, put them all in a tidy stack.

Carpet Cleaning

If you don’t put off cleaning your living room, quickly running the vacuum over the carpets will be fine. Right now you’re just going over all the visible areas. There’s no reason to move furniture or vacuum under rugs every single day.

Now you’re finished and you have the rest of the day to play. These quick daily cleanups will keep your home looking nice and organized; it will also make your monthly deep cleaning less stressful. The monthly deep clean is when you will do things such as completely wiping down furniture surfaces, re-organizing picture frames and decorative items, tossing out old magazines, and treating your carpets to a professional deep cleaning.

If your rugs or carpets are ready for a professional clean, call McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City today at 816-533-4377.