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You just invested in the value of your home by installing beautiful new carpeting. Naturally, you want it to stay looking new for as long as you possibly can. So, how do you keep carpet looking new? It’s easy if you just follow these simple carpet cleaning tips.

How Often Should You Vacuum Carpet?

Professional Carpet Cleaning TipsI’m probably not alone when I say that I don’t consider vacuuming my house a fun way to kill time. However, if you want to keep carpeting looking new, it has to be done. How often you devote time to your carpet cleaning activities depends on the amount of foot traffic your carpet sees. You should break your carpet areas into areas of heavy traffic and light traffic. For heavy traffic lanes, vacuum the carpet daily and then the entire room twice a week. If you only have light traffic in the area, you can reduce your carpet cleaning chores to twice a week in the traffic lane and once a week for the entire room.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you have children, I don’t have to tell you to keep an eye out for dirt and debris that gets tracked in on your carpet. The best solution is to prevent it from entering your home. When it does, you need to pick it up immediately; walking across a dirty carpet pushes the dirt particles down into the carpet fibers, which makes it much harder to get out.

When vacuuming your carpet, you want to vacuum slowly moving from side to side. For the best results, occasionally switch your direction to get it to stand upright and reduce matting.

When cleaning high traffic carpet areas, you should go over the area at least 5 times. For areas with less foot traffic this can be reduced to 3 or 4 times.

Make sure to adjust the height adjustment on your vacuum appropriately for the height of your carpet. For bare floors this will be a lower setting and for more plush carpets you will want to use a higher setting. When vacuuming, you should feel minimal resistance while moving across the carpet. If it becomes difficult to push you should move to a higher setting.

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