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It’s no big secret that cleaning your home is not the most popular idea of having a good time. However, it’s something that we all must do on a regular basis. To help make your day go a little bit better, here are some home cleaning tips on how to make cleaning fun.

home cleaning tips for fun

Your Cleaning Playlist

They say music soothes the savage beast and sometimes that’s how I feel after 2 little blue-eyed whirlwinds spin through the living room. Regardless of what style of music you enjoy listening to, music has the power to elevate your mood. When it comes time to clean, crank up your favorite cleaning playlist and sing away, turn the broom into a dance partner and take your mind off the mess.

Cleaning Games for Kids

It’s a good idea to start teaching your kids how to clean up after themselves at an early age. Don’t wait until their teens because at that point you’ll have better luck punching your head through a brick wall. Set some time based goal or competitions; whoever completes their tasks first or before the timer goes off is the winner. You can even make it more fun by keeping points and at the end of the week the winner gets a prize.

House Cleaning Workouts

When you clean the house you’re walking around, bending over, climbing, going up and down the stairs, lifting and carrying items. In other words, you’re burning calories. Think of ways you can mix more fitness into your cleaning activities and kill two birds with one stone. Strap on a pedometer and then make it a goal to either meet a required amount of steps or beat your previous high score.

Socialize While Cleaning

Time tends to fly by when you’re chatting with a close friend. Use your cleaning time to call up a friend. Get a bluetooth headset or put them on speaker phone and chat it up while cleaning your house. You could even schedule times where you both clean your homes while socializing.

Watching TV While Cleaning

There is a reason why soap operas became so popular with homemakers. It’s the perfect way to pass time while cleaning up around the house. Pile up your laundry on the couch and watch your favorite show while folding. Commercial breaks also give you plenty of time to run around a pick up the clutter in other rooms.

Create a Cleaning List

Ok, this doesn’t really sound like much fun, but it works. By creating a schedule of your routine cleaning tasks you can spread them out into smaller intervals. Don’t wait until everything piles up. Performing small cleaning tasks here and there will seem far less stressful than standing in the middle of the room staring into a disaster zone.

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