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When you or someone else has stained a part of your area rug, don’t panic! Your first instinct might be to rub, but that’s actually one of the worst things you could do. Follow these directions for the following stains:

Coffee or Tea: Use a mixture of liquid dish detergent, warm water and white coffee stain vinegar. Apply this to the stain and then rinse and blot dry. If the stain is set, you may need to use a commercial spot carpet cleaner.
Red Tomato Sauce: Sponge as much off as possible with cool water. Dab with detergent solution (same as above) and blot until dry.
Soft Drinks and Alcohol: Whether it’s one of these of a mixture of the two, use liquid dish detergent and warm water. Blot, rinse and repeat until stain is gone and then blot with a clean dry towel to dry.
Melted Wax: If you’ve had a candle spill, which in my case is usually because of my dog, the trick is to use ice cubes. Rubbing with ice cubes in a plastic bag and scraping should get most of it. Dampen a cloth or cotton ball with rubbing alcohol to get any remaining wax.
Paint or Nail Polish: Try to hurry while the paint is still wet. Spot clean with the detergent/water/vinegar mixture. If the color is still there, dab sparingly with rubbing alcohol.

Use these tips to keep your area tugs looking their best. If your rugs or carpets are ready for a professional clean, call McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City today at 816-533-4377.