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Cleaning special types of rugs requires special care. You certainly don’t want to make any costly mistakes. Below are a few tips to clean specific types of rugs that require a little more attention.

Fur or Sheep Skin Rugsbear skin rug
Shake unscented talcum powder on the rug and let it sit for several hours. Brush the powder through the hair and then shake it out. If the fur is extra thick or long, repeat this process 2-3 times.

Antique, Hand-made or Oriental Rugs
With delicate vintage or antique rugs, use special care. You may want to lay mesh across the rug and then vacuum with a handheld. Don’t forget to turn your rug every once in awhile to even wear and avoid
uneven fading from the sun.

Braided or Woven Rugs
Check the care label to see whether your braided rug is machine washable. If you have a mesh laundry bag, wash the rug inside there or a zippered pillowcase. Tumble dry on a low setting. If it’s not machine washable, layout over an older blanket or sheet. Rub in carpet cleaning foam and follow product instructions carefully.

Grass Rugs
Rugs made of natural fibers such as coir, rush or sisal, have a very open weave. This allows a lot of dirt and grime to sift through to the floor beneath. These rugs can be rinsed, but water weakens the fiber, so work quickly to dry the rug thoroughly. You may need to use a hair dryer or portable fan.

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