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Area rugs can be very tricky to clean, especially when their material is shaggy or has fringe around the edges. It’s important to keep these clean, even if your area rug is hidden under the coffee table or under a pile of toys. If your area rug is in a highly trafficked area of your home, then it’s definitely holding a lot of dirt and who knows what else. Here are some tips to cleaning your area rug:

-If your area rug is very large, vacuum it like you would regular carpet. Be careful area rugnot to get any fridge in the vacuum to avoid fraying.
-If pet hair is your issue, brush it out with a stiff brush. Brush in the direction of the nap of the rug and gather or vacuum hair.
-To avoid traffic or sun causing damage to your rugs, turn them once or twice a year. This will spread out the wear.
-If your rug is small enough to be simply shaken to remove dirt, take it outside and beat something hard against it.

About twice a year, it’s important to deep clean your rugs. This will help eliminate the build up of pollen and other allergens as well as germs and bacteria.

-Most small rugs are machine washable but check the care labels just in case.
-If you’re going to machine wash a rug with fringe, group them together and tie with rubber bands so they don’t get tangled.
-Try to lay wet rugs outside instead of over a line. Hanging them over a line could distort their shape while they dry.

As far as deep cleaning your area rugs, this takes a little more effort. It’s still necessary to do this once to twice a year, even though this needs to be done by hand.

-Take the area outdoors or in the garage and lay it flat.
-Apply carpet-cleaning foam and rub it in according to the product’s instructions.
-Rinse or vacuum the cleaning product, depending on the product, and be sure it’s thoroughly dry before replacing it.

Next week we will discuss Cleaning Special Types of Rugs and provide a Stain Removal Guide for Area Rugs. For more information on the importance of clean carpets, call McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City today at 816-533-4377.