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Thanks to Winter Storm Q, Kansas City’s latest snow storm, we are tracking a lot of snow into our homes. It may not be hard to wipe any snow off the laminate or tile floors, but the carpet gets a little tricky. Snow tracked in your carpet can cause some intense damage. Unfortunately, this moisture will cause damage to the carpet fibers over the long run. Luckily, there are several way to prevent this from the source.

Welcome Matsdoor mat
Thick welcome mats strategically placed by all exterior doors will encourage family members and guests to remove wet shoes. However, most rugs end up being way too small. Be sure the rug is large enough for 1-2 people to be able to easily remove shoes. Machine washable rugs are a bonus.

Don’t Forget the Dog
Sometimes we’re too busy telling the kids to wipe their feet that we let the dog – with 4 feet – stride on in. Be prepared to clean the paws by keeping a towel by the door. This may take a little extra training but will certainly save damage to your carpet. If you have a doggy door, place towels on the ground for the dog to walk through on its way in.

Be Prepared
Even though you’re taking preventative measures, someone is bound to forget to take their shoes off. Have a small hand-held carpet cleaner close by for the inevitable winter mess. Be sure to pick up all of the water and ice before the moisture compresses the carpet fibers and causes damage.

At least once this winter, plan on having your carpets cleaned. The end of winter, after all the remaining snow has melted, is the perfect time. By limiting how long dirt is allowed to set into your carpet, you are prolonging the life of your carpet and keeping it looking great. Contact McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City today at 816-533-4377 to have your carpets cleaned and refreshed.