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With cooler temperatures still among us, our homes have become very dry. During these winter months, the levels of humidity in your home have dropped significantly. The reason for this is the cold air outside not being able to hold as much moisture as warmer air can leaving us with drier indoor air. If you suffer from allergies or asthma in the winter, this drier air may aggravate you even more. Other effects of low humidity in your home include:

  • Shrinking wood floors and furniture
  • Increase in heating bill
  • High amounts of static electricity build up in fabric and carpets

These effects of low humidity in your home are the most apparent, but dry air can affect your home more than you think. Wood in your flooring, walls and furniture needs moisture. That wood will expand or contract to accommodate the moisture levels in the air. Therefore, dry conditions can lead to splitting or cracking. It can also cause drywall to crack or floorboards to loosen. To prevent these from occurring, we recommend a humidifier in your home. More benefits of humidifying your home include:

  • Makes inside air feel warmer – reduces energy bills
  • Keeps furniture from drying out

We specifically recommend a whole-home humidifier to ensure your comfort year round and provide moisture for every room in your home. We believe furniture and wood flooring are an important investment to maintain.
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