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It’s no secret that dusting your home may not be the most popular past time. Although, cranking up the tunes may help put you in the zone. Here are some more useful and efficient techniques to dusting your home:

Lint Roller

If the vacuum cleaner attachment is giving you a hard time, use a lint roller for things like lampshades and cushions.

The Lone Sock

Dust with an old sock to give purpose to those you no longer have the match to. This will be helpful with oddly shaped things like crown moldings, stair rails, and doors. Then just wash and reuse.

Feather Dusters

woman dusting

A feather duster can be good when you can’t reach something or you want to get a shelf without having to move anything. However, an inexpensive feather duster may scratch a surface or lose its feathers quickly leading to more cleaning.

Baby Wipes

These are great for keyboards or dried spills. They can even be washed and dried and used as dust cloths.


If you have delicate items that need dusting and careful handling, gloves are great for that extra care. They’re also great for light bulbs or those knick-knacks on the mantle.


Getting rid of dust and grime in cracks and corners can seem impossible. Try taking a toothpick to them to get into those tough grooves.

Microfiber Cloth

These are perfect for electronics. It’s important to dust your electronics regularly so the  vents and outlets don’t get clogged with dust or pet hair.

Dryer Sheets

Used dryer sheets are proven to be excellent to dust with. A used dryer sheet will create an anti-static barrier that will not allow dust to build up again. A great place to use a dryer sheet to dust is on your blinds. Remember to close them completely before getting started for easier cleaning. 

Coffee Filters

When dusting mirrors or glass, coffee filters will not leave lint or streaks. Add glass cleaner for a good clean.

Soft Brush Attachments

The soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner is great for vents or fans. You may also find this helpful for baseboards or door corners with gathered pet hair. When it comes to keeping your carpets clean- we are the experts. Contact McGeorge Brothers ChemDry of Kansas City at 816-533-4377 to assure your carpet cleaning is delivered by trustworthy and friendly professionals.